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Fast acting oromucosal spray mist

This mouth spray is formulated to deliver nicotine into your system through the lining of your mouth rather than in your stomach (like most other medications).

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  1. English

    Stephane St-Jean

    I have tried most of the over-the-counter smoking cessation aids over the years. Some have have not worked for me at all while a few had minor impact.

    I happened across Nic-Hit while on holiday, in a pharmacy chain that does not operate in my home region. I feel very fortunate to have discovered the Nic-Hit Spray as this had been the absolutely most effective product I have tried.

    It has been so successful for me that I have ordered online as I cannot acquire it in a retail shop anywhere near me.

    Thank you Nic-Hit!! You’ve given me hope I’ll actually give up tobacco for good!

  2. English

    Alexandra M

    Great product. I’ve quit smoking and unfortunately started again a few times. I found this product most recently and it’s a much more economical version compared to the other brands which is often a deterrent for people wanting to quit.
    The spray is my favourite. Takes care of the craving instantly.

  3. English

    Hanny Rentel

    Spray works very well and is so much more economical than the other brands. Have not smoked in 7 months, but still use spray a few times a day. My cough has disappeared already. Well worth your time.

  4. English

    Jane A Barnes

    This semi slick formula could substitute the ever growing popular street Mace. I am so thankfull for your product. I have been in Culinary Arts Management second year. Well first year I failed due to my addictions factor. I had a 56% Thats not a pass for advanced course. so anyway, I really got in trouble for that one. So they isolated me from abstaining drugs. Hard to do I had to quit my good paying job.

    I tryed nic-hit before as a sample at Gurdian Pharmacy, but they discontinued, so I had to hunt as nic hit were not available online. Thankfully I found some at Jean Coutue and also Lawtons. I have to say it the only thing ever worked for me. The taste is Awefull. But think of the marketing good old smoker going through bags of tobbacco a week. That used to be me though I do still have my teeth. My dad dont.

    So, In conclusion. I started my second year of college. Advance Garde Manger. The only thing at school I use is the patch we not allowed to touch our mouth. (the patch will stay on with bandaids) I have been off tobacco 3 weeks now. I have no desire to continue smoking. I have when I get up in the morning. Allen Carr (Book) says can not have 1. Well I did and I just got a 92 on my Mid Terms

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    Cynthia Anne Lewis

    Try the mint 1mg. It is very, very, very minty although there is a taste of nicotine as well. It immediately removes any desire to smoke so its perfect after a meal . Plus it gives you fresh breath.

  6. English


    Stuff works well. It should contain a little more flavouring as it doesn’t taste the greatest. This is only referenced for the 2 mg orange flavour. I haven’t tried the 1 mg mint

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